Iran, Untitled

In this series I tried to show a harmonic balance with nature instead of stage objects and what is important is the formal form of the works.  Theses photo are like haikus to explore the relationship between form and content. Haiku is something, which it’s meaning should not be necessarily understood but could be comprehended aesthetically. It’s like objectifying a feeling; that is how an image reveals itself.

I live in Tehran. It is about 1000 kilometers away from Mashhad, the city in which my family live and it is more than 10 years that I travel between these two cities on roads across the desert. When crossing these deserts, I was always thinking about Iran which is very large and vast, so why should there not be enough room for all of us, In this respect, the geography of Iran is very similar to the political and social structure of Iran and it was because of this similarity that I intended to use the desert in all of my pictures.